top video production company at a great price

top video production company at a great price

We wanted a top Video production company at a great price?

But it’s not that easy to find the right formula. So, how can you find a top video production company from London at a great price? We wanted to make a series of videos for Maison des Macarons. But how could we find a production company that would be the right fit for us? We had a moderate budget and a content campaign in mind. We wanted one main video to show our typical day at Maison Des Macarons, several interview videos telling our customers about where it all began and what our unique selling point is and then a series of cookery demonstration videos.

Searching terms like ‘Best production company UK’ and ‘video production companies list UK’ for hours?

So we turned to Google and began what we thought would be a long and arduous task. But to our great surprise we only needed to search ‘video production company London’ and we found near the top of the pile one of the best content production companies in the UK – Beast Video Content from London.

When we looked at the work the first thing that impressed us was that they were working with big, medium and small clients so we knew that we could fit into their criteria as a new and emerging brand. We were also amazed that the level and quality of the video production was equal across the board and for all brands that they had worked for. All of their work looks amazing and is incredibly professional, and it was clear that they have their own style and approach.

Not just a pretty face

We browsed through their website and found it incredibly educational. The things we learnt further enhanced our own vision and gave us confidence that what we wanted and were planning to do was in the right direction. Of particular relevance was this link, which clearly sets out the timeline, and common steps we would expect when beginning a content campaign with a top production company from London like Beast.

Our first meeting was Skype call, and I must say that having a chat and seeing someone eye to eye really gives you that feeling you need before committing to a new business relationship. We felt that the team fully understood our goals and objectives and immediately came up with great creative ideas and suggestions and with no strings attached. We felt perfectly relaxed and at ease and this lead us to conclude the meeting by signing them up for our campaign before their diary became overbooked and they could not take us on!

The following steps were a treatment and script outline whereby they visualized and annotated all of the key storytelling and video making goals that they would deliver. Then just ten days later the team and their crew turned up. They took two and a half days of shooting. The approach was very much documentary, in the sense that they would observe and ask questions when and where needed. As such all of our staff felt extremely at easy in front of the camera. The two teams became familiar with each other and this then transpired into a very natural and spontaneous series of content videos, which we are absolutely delighted with.

We had our cake and ate it and then Beast came back with seconds and a doggy bag!!

The videos will be used on our website and also little snippets will be fed out through social media to generate traffic to our website. The Beast team delivered what they promised and went far and beyond. They quoted for 1-2 days and shot for more, they delivered 8 videos for the website and 30 videos for social media. We really couldn’t expect any more for our money although they did eat quite a few macarons along the way! We feel this London video production company has a a lot to offer and at a great price. We hope that more companies out there can benefit from working with one of the top video production companies UK for above and bellow the line video production and digital content.