Macaron Towers

Macaron Towers


We have a range of different Macaron Towers which will ensure there is one to fit the theme of your particular event. Traditional, vintage or uber-sophisticated and with such a large range of colours available, you won’t fail to find something that hits the spot!  A Macaron Tower is both stunning…..and divine and what’s more….scrumptious!
We find the minimum number of Macarons for a successful Macaron Tower is around the 70 mark, but to be honest…’s a case of the more the merrier…or at least….the more….the greater the impact. The higher the Macaron Tower, the more impact…..and also remember we can always add a cake base if you would still like something traditional to cut into!  Our cakes are supplied by a fabulous local cake maker who’s ability to bake and attention to detail is second to none.  You can take a peek at some of her work on

We make towers with cakes, cakes with towers, towers with flowers or towers with cakes and flowers – whatever you can dream of, we can make it for you.  Take a peek at our page Macaron Wedding Cakes if you fancy a Macaron Tower with a cake too!  If you are looking for a Wedding Stylist why not pop over and take a peek at – she’s brilliant!


Our Macaron Tower fits into FOUR different categories

Silver  – A Macaron Tower with some mini-macs to finish off the top with some detail

Silver Macaron Towers start at £178.00 for an 80 Macaron Tower

Gold  – A Gold Macaron Tower has the addition of  floral decorations

Gold Macaron Towers start at £213 for an 80 Macaron Tower with simple flower arrangement.

Platinum  – A Platinum Macaron Tower has additional flowers and a cake base or small cake topper

Platinum Macaron Towers start at £280.00 based on an 80 Macaron Tower

Diamond – A  Diamond Macaron Tower is the ultimate, with Italian La Perla plates stacked one on top of each other. These can hold up to 170 Macarons and can also have floral rings within them for that added WOW factor finish.

Diamond Macaron Towers start at £350 starting with 150 Macarons

Due to the fragility of the Macaron we like to be able to set up our Macaron Towers to see them perfectly installed for the “big day” and dependent on your location, there may be a delivery charge.

Contact us for more deetailed information and let us make your Macaron dreams come true!


Our Macaron Towers come in a range of stunning different styles. All beautifully colour matched for your big day with our large list of flavour options. More than 40 flavours to tempt you including alcoholic ones. We’re always adding more as we get excited by something different,  from Homemade Salted Caramel, Raspberry & Pink Peppercorn to Blackcurrant & Cassis and many, many more.

Stunning jewel-coloured Macaron Tower with Flowers
Macaron Tower with styling by Nerissa Eve Weddings
Navy, Gold & Ivory Macaron Tower