Macaron Wedding Favours – Double Box

We have a wonderful range of Wedding Favours – a beautiful finishing touch to any “big event”. These gorgeous little packages can be used on so many occasions not only weddings.

Our range starts from a single macaron in a single cellophane bag through to 3 macarons in stunning boxes with themed ribbons and personalised labels.

Wedding favour prices start from £1.70.

Wedding favors box of 50×2 is 20 gbp, 50-100x 2 30 GBP

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Macaron Wedding Favour Box with 2 Macarons – Ribboned & Labelled

We have a large range of  Macaron Wedding Favours and this page is about the Double Favour Boxes which will hold two large, luscious Macarons beautifully ribboned and labelled for your special event, but the one photographed here is the wonderfully chic Elouise Box.

Macaron Wedding Favours add that special touch of elegance to the end of your very “special day”!  A little thank-you to your guests and special loved ones.

Finished with gorgeous labels – we have a large selection – with your own selected wording – they dot the i and cross the t!

One of the fabulous things about  Macaron Wedding Favours, apart from the fact that it just tastes so damn scrummy, it is that it can be completely colour coordinated to whatever theme you have chosen.  I think we have made them in virtually every colour known to mankind, from stunning navy splashed with gold, through to cerise, flaming orange, through to gentle ivory, or any combination of them all!

Filled with some of our amazing fillings, all home-made and, wherever possible with our own home-made fruit purees, purees and other delights such as the much loved salted caramel, the flavours and fantastic.  You only need a couple of mouthfuls to be transported to Macaron Heaven!

These gorgeous little boxes also look fabulous as gifts at parties eg., Hen Parties, dinner parties, or …… just because!

These gorgeous elegant ones shown here are Earl Grey and Madagascan Vanilla.



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